Distinguished Lecture on IoT by Fawzi Behmann

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What do smart grids, virtual power plants and smart homes have in common? They are part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is the inter-networking of physical devices embedded with control systems, sensors, and actuators, that can collect and exchange data.

The IoT makes it possible to collect real-time power-related information from end-users and automate the management of distribution devices like transformers and reclosers. Efficiencies can therefore be gained within power production and distribution systems.

For the end-user, it is expected that IoT will be integrated into all forms of energy consuming devices (such as switches, power outlets, bulbs, televisions, etc.). Such IoT devices would offer the opportunity for off-site management and advanced scheduling.

IEEE Distinguished Visitor Fawzi Behmann is an expert on IoT.



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