3D Technology and Applications

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The Toledo CIO Network presents an evening of exciting 3D technology and applications presentations, sponsored by the University of Toledo.


Welcome and Introductions/Event Structure – Bill McCreary (VP CIO/CTO)

Overview of 3D at the University of Toledo – Bill McCreary (VP CIO/CTO)

  • Type of visualization – 2.5D/3D/AR/VR
  • Interaction and gamification

Current/Future View of 3D Technology - Marty Resnick – Gartner Research Director

Device and Technology Presenters

  • Barco – Advanced 3D projection technology
  • Microsoft – Augmented Reality with Hololens
  • Verizon and Nokia – 3D/VIR in the cloud
  • Google – VIR devices at scale
  • IBM Watson conversation
  • UNITY – game engines in 3D
  • Stratasys – 3D printing

Industrial Design Use case – Design to Manufacture PLM (“Art – Part”)

  • SAP presentation
  • Industrial OEM Auto Presentation

Use Cases – Education and Industrial

  • Training + Education = “Edutainment”
  • Real Time Process Support
  • Diagnosis

Demonstration Breakouts

  • Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) and Distributed Devices: Oculus – 3D Virtual Immersive Reality (VIR), Hololens – 3D Augmented Reality (AR), iBench – large 3D tablet
  • Curved CAD Wall room
  • iCube room – 5 sided 3D VIR space
  • Gamefication - serious game simulations



Immersive Simulation Center - UT Medical Center
2920 Transverse Drive
Toledo, OH 42614, US (map)

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