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Nov 17, 2016
3D Technology and Applications
Immersive Simulation Center - UT Medical Center

The Toledo CIO Network presents an evening of exciting 3D technology and applications presentations, sponsored by the University of Toledo.


Welcome and Introductions/Event Structure – Bill McCreary (VP CIO/CTO)

Overview of 3D at the University of Toledo – Bill McCreary (VP CIO/CTO)

  • Type of visualization – 2.5D/3D/AR/VR
  • Interaction and gamification

Current/Future View of 3D Technology - Marty Resnick – Gartner Research Director

Device and Technology Presenters

  • Barco – Advanced 3D projection technology
  • Microsoft – Augmented Reality with Hololens
  • Verizon and Nokia – 3D/VIR in the cloud
  • Google – VIR devices at scale
  • IBM Watson conversation
  • UNITY – game engines in 3D
  • Stratasys – 3D printing

Industrial Design Use case – Design to Manufacture PLM (“Art – Part”)

  • SAP presentation
  • Industrial OEM Auto Presentation

Use Cases – Education and Industrial

  • Training + Education = “Edutainment”
  • Real Time Process Support
  • Diagnosis

Demonstration Breakouts

  • Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) and Distributed Devices: Oculus – 3D Virtual Immersive Reality (VIR), Hololens – 3D Augmented Reality (AR), iBench – large 3D tablet
  • Curved CAD Wall room
  • iCube room – 5 sided 3D VIR space
  • Gamefication - serious game simulations


Aug 8, 2019
Reprap User Group
BiG Fab Lab

This is a meetup for all things RepRap and 3d printing related.

Interested in building, owning or using a RepRap or other 3d Printer? Come meet with others. Show off your own printer or printed project. Or just see what others are up to. Having difficulties? Find someone who can help or come help others yourself.