Engineer for a Day

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The Engineer for a Day Program is planned to offer high school students interested in a career in engineering an introduction to the field. During the day, students will be given an overview of the many fields of engineering, the education and experience needed to pursue a career in engineering, as well as a job shadowing experience at a local engineering company or plant facility. In 2010, 185 students participated, and we are hoping this year will also be successful.

The Engineer-for-a-Day program begins at The University of Toledo, College of Engineering and will provide a full day of engineering-related activities. The typical schedule of events for the day is as follows:

9:00am-11:30am INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING EDUCATION & CAREERS @ The University of Toledo, College of Engineering, Nitschke Hall

A tour of The University of Toledo, College of Engineering, provides students with an introductory survey of the various disciplines of engineering and exposure to the educational path towards an engineering career. Students will be introduced to engineering curriculum, tour engineering departments and view engineering lab demonstrations.

11:30am-12:30pm LUNCHEON @ The University of Toledo, College of Engineering, Nitschke Hall

Students and faculty/chaperones will share a complimentary casual luncheon with engineers and engineering facility representatives from Northwest Ohio.

12:30pm-3:30pm STUDENT SHADOWING Participating Employers’ Offices or Plant Facilities

Students will join local engineering representatives for an afternoon of student shadowing at their office or facility to gain an understanding of day-to-day engineering practices and applications in industry.

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University of Toledo: Nitschke Hall
1650 N. Westwood Ave.
Toledo, OH 43607, US (map)

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