F# and Functional Programming for C# Developers

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By now, you’ve probably heard about F#, Microsoft’s forward-thinking functional language. It might even be on your short list of technologies to learn. However, approaching a functional language is often intimidating to object oriented developers. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this presentation, I’ll demonstrate some basic functional programming techniques from a C# developer’s point of view. I’ll start with C# code and build to F# to show you how a lot of the scary functional programming terminology that you may have encountered is really just code for things that you already do on a day to day basis. Finally, I’ll explain how F# and functional programming improve your code and how you can incorporate them into your daily workflow.

Chris Marinos is a F# MVP and software consultant at SRT Solutions. A proponent of F# since its pre-release days, he has given numerous F# talks and trainings throughout the US and abroad. He has also written articles on F# for MSDN Magazine and his F#-centric blog. His other technical interests and experiences include coffeescript, backbone.js, Rails, Django, C#, and of course, functional programming. When not coding, he enjoys video games, BBQ food, and obnoxiously large TVs.


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