Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming with PostSharp

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For years, software engineers have struggled with the question of how to structure their code in order to maximize reuse and reduce defects. While traditional OOP provides a solid framework for code organization, it breaks down when developers must implement features that cut across the entire system, such as logging, undo/redo, transaction handling and INotifyPropertyChanged. The usual methods for implementing such cross-cutting functionality lead to unnecessary code duplication, an increase in product bugs, and a decrease in both quality and time to market.

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) adds a high level of reuse to the traditional OOP framework, with minimal impact on existing code bases, and delivers a decrease in development costs and software delivery time, a reduction in software defects and an increase in application maintainability.

Gael Fraiteur will speak about the problem with conventional programming, give a gentle introduction to AOP with PostSharp, demonstrate how it works and why we should be using it to eliminate scattered, tangled and coupled code from our code bases.


HCR ManorCare
333 North Summit St.
Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)

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