Kinect Programming using Kinect for Windows SDK

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Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 game console and Windows PCs. Microsoft first released Kinect for Windows SDK in June 2011 for developing applications that use Kinect’s Skeleton Tracking, Speech Recognition and Depth Recognition technology. This session will introduce to you to the basics of Kinect Programming like Skeleton Tracking, Speech Recognition and Gesture Recognition and also provide you with several resources to get started.

Mitul Suthar is an Application Developer at The University of Toledo’s IT Department and has been working on .NET technologies for 4 years. He has been developing .Net solutions of all kinds from websites, web services, and windows applications. He is also a Certified Imprivata Engineer and is known for implementing Distributed Source Control, Continuous Integration, Build Automation and Identity Management solutions in the enterprise. Kinect Programming got him passionate about fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural User Interface and Human Computer Interaction. He likes wood working, Kinect programming, sketching and cooking. He frequently blogs on various topics and is an active blogger since year 2008. His coding blog can be found at Twitter: @mitulsuthar


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