Advanced Front-End Development Workflows with Hanson, Inc.


The Toledo Web Professionals presents "Advanced Front-End Development Workflows".

With so many great tools available to front-end web developers these days it can sometimes be difficult to understand how they all fit together. Deciding on a workflow that you’re happy with is often a very personal endeavor, but getting started isn’t always easy.

Both enterprises and start-ups will need to take advantage of these tools as the demand for features and quick delivery rises. Building applications with these tools can speed development and deployment, simplify project organization, and automate repetitive tasks allowing developers to focus on core features.

We'll be following Hanson as they review a dizzying array of projects with advanced front-end JavaScript components and discuss about how they're improving their workflow with tools like Node/NPM, Grunt, Yeoman, Bower, Require.js, and Handlebars.

Dave Rodriguez is Director of Front End Development at Hanson Inc. Wrangling interactive designers comes naturally to Dave, who is also an avid travel and nature photographer. When not working his interactive magic for Hanson’s clients, he can be spotted in his natural habitat: at the zoo. He has photographed animals at 15 zoos in the U.S., Canada and Mexico in the last three years.

Hosted by Hanson Inc., a full service digital agency offering digital marketing solutions to many national brands including Delta Faucet, Owens Corning, and Eaton. Based locally in Maumee and boasting some of the best talent Toledo has to offer, we're very excited to have Hanson Inc. hosting this awesome event!


Hanson Inc
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