Road Trip to Midwest UX Conference


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The Road Trip from the Toledo Region is made up of 2 vehicles:

  • One is leaving from the Maumee area Wednesday evening; the other is departing from BG at 4pm on Thursday
  • On Saturday, one car is leaving a bit early (about 5pm) and one is heading home after the conference (about 8pm)

Midwest UX is a 3-day conference founded on inter-disciplinary talks and workshops built around supporting and inspiring the growing Midwest design community. Located in Indianapolis in 2014, conference attendees will experience unique opportunities to participate and learn from regional professionals and international experts.

This regional conference will meld Indy’s vibrant design, development and start-up communities with international experts. This union will allow participants to discover and engage in workshops and speaker-led sessions to explore and create new experiences for products, services and our local community.

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