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The Owens Corning SharePoint 2013 Story, presented by Tony Jayne.

Event Summary: Owens Corning recently launched an updated intranet based on SharePoint 2013. During this session, we'll walk you through our journey: from identifying the problem and defining the goal, through the process to deliver, and finally we'll showcase the results with a live demo and highlight the benefits to the organization and the lessons we’ve learned.

About the presenter: Serving as a Digital Communications Leader at Owens Corning, Tony is accountable for driving strategy, value and continuous improvement of the corporate intranet. He's been with Owens Corning and working with SharePoint for over 6 years. Over the past 2 years, Tony has lead an effort to rebuild and modernize the intranet at Owens Corning.

Who is invited? This is a free event. This event is targeted to an audience of professionals in the role of Business Analysts, Managers, and Developers that are interested in learning more about SharePoint Implementation. However, anyone else that is interested in SharePoint is also invited. You are welcome to invite other participants. We ask that everyone who is planning on attending, to please register, so that we have an accurate lunch count. Space is limited, so register early.

Lunch Sponsor: Clutch is the world-class digital agency inside the walls of ICC. They are a collection of SharePoint experts, seasoned strategists, user experience specialists, account service pro’s, art directors and developers who specialize in the art and science of interactive communication and collaboration. Their core values of client success, integrity, leadership, expertise, and social responsibility guide our interactions with our clients, business partners, employees, and the community.

Give Away: WTA Consulting has graciously donated enough copies of "SharePoint Cheap Thrills", written by Ira Fuchs for everyone to take home after this meeting.


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