Cloud Computing - A Paradigm IT Changer (IEEE)

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IEEE Toledo Section, Computer Society Chapter & EECS Department Present: Mazin Yousif, PhD.

Cloud Computing - A Paradigm IT Changer

Cloud Computing is an emerging computing paradigm envisioned to change all IT landscape facets including technology, business and services. It is a consumer/delivery model that offers IT capabilities as services billed based on usage. Many such cloud services can be envisioned, but the main ones are IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as- a-Service), and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). The underlying cloud architecture includes a pool of virtualized compute, storage and networking resources that can be aggregated and launched as platforms to run workloads and satisfy their Service-Level Agreement (SLA). Cloud architectures also include provisions to best guarantee service delivery for clients and at the same time optimize efficiency of resources of providers. Examples of provisions include, but not limited to, elasticity through scaling resources up/down to track workload behavior, extensive monitoring, failure mitigation, and energy optimizations. The two main technologies enabling clouds are: (i) Virtualization, the foundation of clouds; and (ii) manageability (autonomics), the command & control of clouds. This talk is intended to provide an overview of cloud computing, its enabling technologies and current challenges. It will also look at clouds’ IT/business ramifications as well as required future

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The cost for this event (including dinner) is $20 for members and guests and $10 for students.

Dinner includes meat and cheese lasagna, chicken marsala, green beans with red pepper strips, yellow and orange carrots, tossed salad with ranch and french dressing, garlic bread, fudge brownies and assorted soft drinks.

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Dr Yousif also gave a daytime presentation on March 1, in the SSOE Seminal Room, Nitschke Hall 1027, University of Toledo College of Engineering. See


Electrical Industries Building (TECA Office)
727 Lime City Road
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