MRP and Kanban; Together Again for the First Time

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The Toledo APICS Chapter's October PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MEETING features Don Guild From Synchronous Management: MRP and Kanban; Together Again for the First Time

Most companies who attempt to implement pull/kanban struggle with three issues. First, how do we right-size and re-size our supermarkets to get the best possible flow? What are the effects of production capacity on supermarket sizes? Supermarkets may be too large, resulting in production of unneeded items, or too small, resulting in stockouts. Either way, resources are too often engaged in producing what we do not need, and not available to produce what we do need. The expediting and firefighting continue, and inventory levels remain high – even with kanban!

Second, what techniques are appropriate for signaling replenishment? Do we signal with empty containers, kanban cards, first-in-first-out lanes, min/max, or some other technique? Too often, cumbersome manual techniques are chosen, the pull system deteriorates for lack of maintenance, is limited in its scope to only a few products, or we spend much non-value adding time making – and remaking - kanban cards! Third, how do we resolve conflicts between our kanban system and our MRP system? What do we do when kanban tells us to do one thing and MRP says another? Don't we still need MRP, even with kanban? How to we make kanban and MRP work together?

This presentation focuses on answering all of these questions. You will learn what data to harvest in any automated MRP system to size and resize your supermarkets with ease. You will examine the effects of management policies on an effective pull/kanban system. You will explore the application of automated pull techniques that provide visual control without non-value-added manual effort - and how to link pull/kanban to your existing requirements planning system.

$25 for APICS professional members, $30 for guests, $15 for students


PizzaPapalis Toledo
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Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)

Taverna Room

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