Geek Dinner with Jim Youll (Twitter)


Join us for a Geek Dinner (each person pays their own way) with special guest Jim Youll, Site Reliability Engineer at Twitter. Jim, a BGSU graduate, is back in the region for the day and has graciously offered to spend some time with us. He was hungry for Packo's, so we set up this geek dinner. All are welcome to join us.

Come to Packo's at the Park for dinner with Jim. Ask him questions about his days at BGSU, his research at MIT, his experiences at various startups in Silicon Valley, and what it is like at Twitter. We are not sure where we will be sitting at Packo's, so look for Jim in his Twitter shirt. Or just find the normal geek crowd.

At 7pm, we will migrate over to OpenHack at Seed.


Packo's at the Park
7 South Superior Street
Toledo, OH 43602, US (map)




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