Coding Kata. Doing it Live.

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We are doing something a little different this month. We are going to TDD a Code Kata, but with a little twist. We don't know which kata we are going to solve until the night of the event. The kata will get chosen by the attendees, and if they choose, they will help program the kata. Programming is not required to attend. Scott Radcliff, Jamie Wright, and Keith Thompson will all pair on the problem with each programmer working on it for a few minutes before the next one takes over.

This will be a crowd exercise with help from everyone on the particulars of the solution and hopefully some pairing.

If you are new to TDD, curious how others test drive their code, or are just curious about how a program gets driven by tests, this is a great opportunity.

Here is the list, if you want to browse them before hand:


Seed Coworking
25 South Saint Clair Street
Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)

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