Animation Show and Tell


Join us for after-work drinks and snacks for this month's Toledo Web Professionals meetup. We are teaming up with Google Developer Group for a combined event loaded with fun and entertainment.

Show & Tell Sessions

Talks will include Animation in Flutter and explore web scroll triggering where ScrollMagic is combined with GreenSock.

We encourage all our attendees to engage in show & tell lightning talks. Got a neat project you're working on? Want to showcase a new library or technique you've picked up? This is the place to do it. If you have something to show on screen, please bring a computer and everything you need to present. Seed offers a projection system and connections.

Show & tell sessions are limited five to ten minutes each.

Food and beverages provided and you are welcome to bring your own. Please drink responsibly.

Do GDG a solid and join their event too.


Seed Coworking
25 South Saint Clair Street
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