The Enlightened Negotiator

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The Enlightened Negotiator

How do we get more of what we want from our.....

  • Jobs
  • Co-Workers
  • Customers
  • Personal Relationships

Every day we find ourselves negotiating; even if it is not obvious, we are usually communicating to work toward a more suitable, or agreeable, outcome. Whether we are pursuing that highly sought-after promotion, building value with clients, buying or selling a house, deciding who is taking care of chores, or just simply deciding where to go for dinner, we are faced with negotiations on a daily basis.

Dr. Rober D. Yonker is an Associate Professor of Management at The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation and is an expert in conflict management and negotiation strategy. He will lead EPIC members through an interactive, and enlightening, negotiation training course that is certain to equip you with the tools to get more, no matter the situation. Dr. Yonker teaches Staffing, Negotiation/Conflict Management, Leadership, and Human Resource Management. This spring, Dr. Yonker received a UT Outstanding Teacher Award, the highest teaching honor a member of faculty can receive.

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