Women Economic Empowerment III: The Future of Work



Women Economic Empowerment Series Program, by Women of Toledo.

This session will analyze changes which are fundamentally altering the job market, including the type of jobs that will exist in the future and the skills that would be required for those jobs in Greater Toledo area.

Some 50% of the jobs in the current market will no longer exist in a few years due primarily to these rapid advances in innovation and technology.

With nearly one billion women entering the global economy in the next decade, they risk of losing out on tomorrow’s best job opportunities due to gender-based discrimination, stereotypes and social and cultural norms.

Similarly, diverse & generational challenges in the informal workforce could be even wider, while also creating and strengthening challenges of decent work opportunities in the formal workforce.

How is this going to impact women, what can companies and local businesses do to help them?


United Way of Greater Toledo
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