The Ama-zoning of America: It’s a Matter of TIME


NORED is pleased to have RIck Stein from the Urban Decision Group in Columbus Ohio as its keynote speaker for the Annual Meeting. Mr. Stein's talk is titled: The Ama-zoning of America: It's a Matter of TIME.

Amazon, Walmart and others, are in a race to deliver an ever-increasing variety of goods to consumers, which is quickening the degree to which e-commerce is increasing as a percentage of overall retail sales. At some point in the near-future, everything that consumers can purchase in stores will be available on-line for the same price or approximately the same price. That will leave only one battleground left for which these “e-tailers” will compete – the time between ordering goods and when the goods are delivered. The results of this fight over time will have physical, economic, and social impacts that will shape cities, regions, and people, for decades to come. It's the end of civilization as we know it.

Tickets: $35


1772 Indian Wood Circle
Maumee, OH 43537, US (map)




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