Google Developer Group: Tech Social


We are going to postpone the meeting until next week due to the crazy cold weather that is blistering through the MidWest right now. Everyone please stay safe and warm and we can all get together next week (February 7th) and try it again.

We're going to do something different this month. Instead of having a particular topic or directed agenda, we'll be holding a social gathering at Backyard BBQ and just chatting about technology in general.

Some discussion starters might be:

  • What thing on the horizon interests you?
  • What don't you like about something that you regularly use?
  • What tech is missing that would benefit the area or people in general?
  • How do I find people/groups locally that would expand my network?


Backyard BBQ & Booze
2600 W. Sylvania Avenue
Toledo, OH 43613, US (map)




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