Documenting and Learning from Project Decisions

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WHAT: PMI WLEC Monthly Chapter Meeting

WHEN: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

WHERE: O-I Perrysburg Campus Plaza 4, 2051 N Wilkinson Way, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Documenting and Learning from Project Decisions – A Tragedy in Three Acts”

SPEAKERS: Mr. Dave Davis, PMP, PgMP & PBA is a practitioner of project and program management and a recognized professional in the field of helping businesses implement change.

Moderator: John Zickafoose, President, PMI WLEC


Most PMOs have processes on tracking issues, mitigating risks and documenting decisions. This is good! However, few PMOs use that data to identify patterns and proactively turn that data into information, the information into knowledge, and the knowledge into wisdom. That is tragic. This presentation will explore a model to assist PMOs in extending their value to the organization to use knowledge learned from implementing projects into wisdom to help improve every new business project. Improvement in all phases, ideation, benefits definition, cost estimating, and time to implement. This will be achieved by capturing and tagging data in a Circumstance/Action/Result model.

Learning Objectives

1) The participant will understand the value of tagging critical decision points during the project lifecycle so Pareto analysis can be completed to identify patterns. Are 80% of the issues due to requirement gaps? How long is it taking to get a critical decision made? What type of test cases require the most retesting?

2) The PMO manager will learn how to improve the overall project/program delivering cycle by providing data that identifies historical project problem areas. The planning process or charter approval process can then be enhanced to address these items earlier in the process and perhaps avoid them in the actual project execution. This involves not only gathering the data, but presenting the data to key stakeholders.

3) The project manager will be better able to understand the value they bring to the overall organization by having well-structured information that can drive improved decision making. By having good circumstance definitions – other stakeholders can learn from them and be proactive in new projects to avoid duplicate omissions.

A light dinner will be provided. The cost to attend is $10 (non-members), $5 (members). The fee is waived for first time guests!

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2051 N Wilkinson Way
Perrysburg, OH 43551 (map)

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