Intro to Ruby on Rails: Week 1

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Want to build a web application using a language that is optimized for developer happiness and a framework that is optimized for developer productivity? Are you interested in learning how to build a web application using test driven development techniques?

Drawing from the real world experience of Brilliant Fantastic's team, the Introduction to Ruby on Rails course will provide a solid understanding of the Ruby language, the Ruby on Rails web framework, and test driven development.

This course will provide a hands-on learning experience and one-on-one interactions with experienced web developers. You will learn how to build a web application from the ground up using test driven development techniques. The course will use agile project management principals and tools to help you build the web application.

So, whether you are an experienced developer in another language or platform, or you are brand new to web development, you will gain the practical knowledge and the confidence to create your own Ruby on Rails web applications.

Register by April 12 to save $100:

Week 1 : Environment Setup - Get your Mac, Linux, or Windows machine ready for development. This includes installing Ruby, RubyGems, a ruby versioning system, a database engine, and git. This can be rough your first time, but we'll guide and assist you through it.


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