The Collaborative Arts (NEXUS4change Great Lakes Exchange)

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You are invited to the NEXUS4change Great Lakes Exchange - exploring and advancing collaborative change and innovation approaches, in Perrysburg, Ohio. We bring together scholars, practitioners, leaders, educators, and students who value utilizing collaborative approaches in new, creative, and impactful ways.

This event is for those with NO experience, those with LOTS of experience, and everyone in-between. Join the Friday evening design session and/or the Saturday collaborative community event in a welcoming space filled with laughter, design principles, contemplations, publications, index cards, flip charts, sticky notes, shadow consulting, emerging technologies, food, beverage... and more. Network and share your products and services on our Marketplace!

Our feature session will focus on the Collaborative Arts and will feature Playback Theatre, Graphic Recording, Circle Song, and more...

Why use art-based collaborative processes and methods? Alongside the shared and participative experience, the art created [graphic recording, composition, theatrical sketch etc.] can often be used as an artifact for continued conversation or even as a way of providing entertainment. Join us for an engaging session featuring Graphic Recording, Playback Theatre, CircleSong and more to find out how you can use the collaborative arts to help facilitate the change you want to see.


BGSU at Levis Commons
1655 N. Wilkinson Way
Perrysburg, OH 43551, US (map)

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