DIY Smart Homes and IoT (Code City)

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Ever wonder if the fantastic future portrayed in the Jetson's will ever come to be? Or what exactly is the "Internet of Things', the potential of Smart Homes, Smart Devices and Smart Cities? At Code City, we want to see this future happen, and create a space that spurs innovation and collaboration, enabling you to do it. We have a guy who can show you quick and dirty ways to make your own smart home, using Raspberry Pi's and $20 worth of hardware from Home Depot.

Matt Armstrong, Linux System Administrator at MNX Solutions and former Senior System Engineer at Arakyta, is coming out to Code City to dazzle us with some neat inventions he's come up with and help cast a vision for a fantastic future.

Code City meets every Monday night at 6pm at Rustbelt Coffee in downtown Toledo.


Rustbelt Coffee
119 N Ontario St
Toledo, Ohio 43604, United States (map)
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Events are on the 1st floor, behind the coffee shop.

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