Code City - The Power of Re-Designing Toledo's Flag

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Vex-a-what? The How & Why: Designing City Flags...Alex Martinez is on a mission to make city flags better, especially in Toledo. Flags are ubiquitous symbols of civic pride and are often designed, frankly, pretty terribly. But they don't have to be.

Alex is a web designer and front-end developer at Whitelabel, a Toledo digital agency. After living in Washington, DC for several years, where its city flag is a sign of local pride, Alex returned to his hometown of Toledo with a dream to help get its own flag a redesign.

His talk will reveal the five basic principles of vexillology – the study of flags – and share the power they have to unify a city’s brand and community.


Rustbelt Coffee
119 N Ontario St
Toledo, Ohio 43604, United States (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Events are on the 1st floor, behind the coffee shop.

Main entrance, downstairs in the center of the coffee shop

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