Revenue Models for Your Business (Code City)

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Do you have, or are you thinking of starting a business? Without a well defined revenue model, that is, a clear plan of how to generate revenues, new businesses will most likely struggle...not only with unsustainable costs but also in focusing on a target audience and establishing a marketing plan.

There are a number of ways to generate revenue, typically depending on the type of activities your business performs and how it charges for those...such as the subscription based model, 1 time product purchases, micro-purchases, affiliate marketing, online advertising, transaction fees, etc.

Gentry Perry, tech geek, gamer, and gifted communicator (who's talk on How To Promote Your Business on YouTube was a big hit with the Code City crowd), will be coming out to take an in-depth look at some popular revenue models businesses can consider, whether brick and mortar or on the interwebs.

Code City meets every Monday at 6pm at Rustbelt Coffee in downtown Toledo.


Rustbelt Coffee
119 N Ontario St
Toledo, Ohio 43604, United States (map)
Public WiFi

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Events are on the 1st floor, behind the coffee shop.

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