Best Practices for API-Driven React Applications with Scott Radcliff

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React is on fire! Companies around the world are trying to take advantage of the way React makes web applications fast, responsive, and easier to develop. That said, what about the API? If your API is slow or not optimized, that could severely effect your cool new React app and end up as the choke point for negative customer experiences.

In this talk, we'll build a React app that is driven by an API written in Rails, though we'll cover a great deal of best practices, examples, and considerations that can be applied to a client-server architecture written in any language.

You'll leave this talk with an understanding of the APIs role in React applications, things to look for when working with or building an API, and practical knowledge to take back into your workplace or personal projects.

Speaker Bio: Scott Radcliff is an expert software developer in the Toledo area. He's built web applications using numerous programming languages and technology stacks accomplishing a variety of tasks from the very simple to enterprise-grade. He enjoys building applications that help people do things that they previously couldn't, and he loves Ruby.

Scott is a freelance developer and is currently taking on new customers.


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