Toledo Web Professionals - The Cybersecurity Roadshow with Tom Germain

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This traveling cybersecurity workshop seeks to bring cybersecurity awareness to creators, developers, and businesses.

You've read the headlines about the latest hack affecting millions of web users and/or credit card holders, but did you know that, possibly and unwittingly, your own website, router or web connected device could be part of a botnet used in attacks?

What never ceases to amaze is how many businesses and individuals fail to protect themselves from the hordes of hackers working in a multi-billion dollar a year illegal industry. This workshop aims to awaken you to the many dangers as well as to offer real solutions to defending yourself and your business from what could be a disastrous breach of security.

• Profile of a "black hat" hacker and what they target

• Types of attacks and how they're achieved

• Legal aspects (liability, etc.)

• Social engineering

• Sources of timely security alerts

• Basic prevention

• Penetration testing

• Web site and web server security

• Desktop and Mobile security

• Anti-virus products comparisons

Truthfully, everybody who connects to the Internet should know this stuff, so come on over, and become a more savvy, secure, and responsible Internet user!

About Stuart Budden Stuart Budden is an IT professional, co-owner and CEO of Nivsys Inc, and a professor teaching cyber security at Fanshawe College, in London, Ontario.

About Tom Germain Tom Germain is CEO of Coder Scoop Inc., a web and mobile development company in London, who has long concerned himself with security on behalf of his clients and started this workshop in May of 2017.


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