TNewTech - Virtual Immersive Reality


Join TNewTech this month for our annual VR meetup, hosted by UT's very own simulation center. You will have the opportunity to demo out all of the follwowing technologies:

o Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) and Distributed Devices

  §  Oculus – 3D Virtual Immersive Reality (VIR)

  §  Hololens – 3D Augmented Reality (AR)

  §  iBench – large 3D tablet

o Curved CAD Wall room

o iCube room – 5 sided 3D VIR space

o Gamefication - serious game simulations

o 3D Printing

Hope to see you all there!


Immersive Simulation Center - UT Medical Center
2920 Transverse Drive
Toledo, OH 42614, US (map)




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