Code City New JavaScript Features with ES6+ Workshop

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The first iteration of Code City is currently in development phase.

We are building a community of people interested in coding, design, film, music, emerging tech, and entrepreneurship ...helping them find the tools, resources and friendships to create pathways toward a new career or personal goals.

Come and check us out, everyone is welcome. Hack your passion. We'll help you crack the code.

Do you want to learn some of the new JavaScript features that are already available today? Come checkout our interactive workshop! We'll show you some of the exciting stuff that is getting added to the JavaScript language every year and how it can assist you with your application development. Bring your laptop if you like and join us for some fun coding exercises!

Mini-Bio: Matt Molnar has been developing full-stack web applications for over 10 years and JavaScript is his go-to language for getting stuff done. He stays up to date with the latest features in the language as proposed by the TC39 committee.


Rustbelt Coffee
119 N Ontario St
Toledo, Ohio 43604, United States (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Events are on the 1st floor, behind the coffee shop.

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