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It's almost Summer time, the perfect time to start developing that idea that you've been putting off since the year started. Toledo needs entrepreneurs like you, starting companies, creating new technology, innovating in your community and city.

This month at TNewTech, we've brought in 3 guy's that know what it takes to help kickstart your company and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit.

Roger Tipping: Runs a successful data-driven e-commerce company. Roger has a focus on grasping the technical features and requirements that fit into a company’s "stack" as a business without investing too much time, to be able to maintain a focus on the biz dev/strategy/management side of the operation.

Stuart Bertsch: Stuart is a technologist with two degrees in computer science and 20+ years consulting experience. He has founded tech startups to streamline connections and fix voting. He is working on a third to bring adventures to your life. He has operated multiple retail businesses such as jewelry, Hallmark, trophy, and tee shirt stores. He is also a gemologist, watchmaker, and a goldsmith. Stuart has participated in six startup weeks across the country, including Denver, Boulder, Phoenix, New Orleans, and Cleveland. He has been an I-Corps mentor and has heard pitches from countless startups and consulted with many regarding product, sales, design, and lean strategy. He is co-founder of Tech Toledo, a local company focusing on growing the tech, design, and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northwest Ohio. Tech Toledo is also the Backbone Operator for the Northwest Ohio TechHire initiative, building a tech talent pipeline matching non-traditional students with non-traditional training, all aligned with local employer job openings. Stuart Lives in Toledo and has two grown sons. He consults nationwide while working on his own startups.

Jason Daniels: A visionary leader and master collaborator who recognizes the value of working in diverse and inclusive communities with a defined record of leadership excellence within places of work and community. Repeated success leading new ventures from incubation through full-scale execution, robust knowledge in the areas of individual, civic and community engagement, local and national partnerships, and advancing philanthropic effectiveness. Entrepreneurship has taught me the importance of grit and agility.


Nitschke Technology Commercialization Complex (U. Toledo)
1510 N Westwood Ave
Toledo, OH 43606, US (map)
Public WiFi

At LaunchPad Incubation, in the coworking room at the end of hallway on the 2nd floor.

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