Code City

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Morgan Fitzgibbons (civic hacker) will be giving a presentation on ErieHack - a competition that unites coders, developers, engineers, and water experts to generate enduring solutions to Lake Erie’s biggest challenges. The remaining time can be spent making connections and learning to code :)

The first iteration of Code City is currently in development phase.

We are building a community of people interested in coding and emerging tech, helping them find the tools, resources and friendships to create pathways toward a new career or personal goals.

Most students are somewhere between either brand new to coding or ready for a coding bootcamp prep course.

Come and check us out, everyone is welcome. We want to help you hack your passion.


Rustbelt Coffee
119 N Ontario St
Toledo, Ohio 43604, United States (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Events are on the 1st floor, behind the coffee shop.

119 n. Ontario St. Toledo, Ohio 43604, United States (map) Public WiFi Walk into Rustbelt, turn right into stairwell just past restrooms on the right. You'll see us in the wide open space of the second floor.

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