Customer Interviews Workshop (Detroit)


Customer interviews are an important part of ensuring that what you're designing, whether a product or service, actually meets the needs of your audience. In this $25 workshop, get ready to learn how to do customer interviews right -- ensuring that you hear what you need to hear from your customers, not what you want to hear.

Josie Scott, your expert instructor, will walk you through the principles and techniques of interviewing and observing customers/users for unbiased user experience research. She'll guide you through the process of developing "assumption persona" from your data, using affinity diagrams.

This will be an interactive session where everyone participates! Expect to walk away with the knowledge and skills to get more out of customer interviews in your next project.

In addition to a great learning and networking opportunity, Detroit UX will provide food & beverages.


TechTown (Detroit)
440 Burroughs Street
Detroit, MI (map)