Protecting Information Assets Under Global Threat


BGSU ACM student chapter presents: Protecting Information Assets Under Global Threat.

Are you interested in Computer Security? If you are, then we have an event coming up where Matthew Curtin, Founder of InterHack Corporation will be talking about threats that we face in computing world.

It is a great opportunity to learn some valuable information for anyone who is considering a career in Cyber Securities. This event is open to everyone. Free snacks will be provided. Please tell your friends ! ! !

Abstract of the talk: Managing risks from present and future threats requires managing the frequency and impact of those events. US Government policy and many governance structures today focus on reducing frequency—sometimes hoping to achieve a frequency of zero. We will show how a far more sensible approach is to reduce the impact of threats carried out against targets, and why the stakes to achieve security are much greater than the amount of money required to maintain it.


BGSU Olscamp Hall
Bowling Green, OH 43403, US (map)

Olscamp 115