Tony Hanson and Grub Hub

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6:30 - 7:00 Pizza (sponsored by GroundSpeed™) 7:00 - 8:30 Meeting

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Speaker: Tony Hanson A recent graduate from The University of Toledo and an IT nerd at Libbey Glass, Tony has been working with computers since the age of 12. Tony considers himself a “rookie” in the field of computer programming and possesses knowledge in C++, C#, VB, objective C and the scripting language Windows Powershell. As a personal trainer and fitness junkie, Tony was looking for a way to empower people to take control of their personal fitness and weight loss goals without having to pay outrageous fees to hire a trainer and nutritionist. Thus the idea of Grub Coach was born, a native mobile iOS application that allows users to generate the information they need on their own.

Topic: Tony talks about the process of building Gub Hub By asking a few basic questions, Grub Coach uses scientifically researched calculations and algorithms to calculate the appropriate number of calories for weight gain/loss goals. It also calculates the appropriate amount of macronutrient intake depending on the body type of the user. If the user would like, they can see an itemized daily meal plan of how much to eat, as well as when to eat. Alongside this feature, Grub Coach also has: exercise routines for building muscle or losing fat, a BMI calculator, a list of healthy foods, tips on using the app to achieve goals, and new to version 1.1, a list of the 3 healthiest menu items at 30 of the top fast food and sit down restaurants.


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