Maker's Mart

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Maker’s Mart is a one-day alternative/indie craft fair held in Toledo’s UpTown District that represents the best of Midwest handmade goods. It’s a celebration of unique, one-of-a-kind items that have a little more to offer than your traditional “craft.”

Maker’s Mart seeks new and original concepts made from scratch, old school standards that use new and unconventional materials, found objects, re-purposed treasures. It’s about bold ideas, bright designs, and classic concepts with a contemporary touch that are maybe just a little askew and off-kilter.

It’s about celebrating functional goods that flirt with the edge of fine art, and vice versa. Maker’s Mart is a celebration of Toledo’s DIY makers of the modern craft. The afternoon features food, drinks, music, and an unrivaled, intensely local shopping experience to snatch up totally unique, one-of-a-kind handmade holiday gifts. Enjoy.


Maker's Mart
1717 Adams St
Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)

Admission is $1 for adults, children under 12 are fee. Free street parking is available immediately adjacent to the Maker's Mart building.

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