Geek's Guide to SEO (NWNUG)

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So, you have a web site. Your own soapbox to the world. As a developer, it seems easy for us to claim a spot on the world wide web, set up shop, customize the look and feel, and throw up some content. The hard part is attracting people to your new little flag in the sand. Hey, we majored in Computer Science, not Marketing. But there is hope: one hour of tips, tricks, and general how-to about promoting your site using programming, power toys, and other technical prowess. Our discussion will include ways to attract and appeal to search engine spiders using better tools that are freely available and better code that doesn't include learning new languages or frameworks.

NWNUG exists in and for the community to promote learning, share enthusiasm, and provide a forum for discussion regarding Microsoft's .NET technology. Professionals, novices, students, enthusiasts, and even newbies are welcome.


HCR ManorCare
333 North Summit St.
Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)

Check in with front desk (Security). They will sign you in and tell you the meeting room. Usually we are on the 1st floor, in Heartland 1 and 2. Free pizza and pop are provided.

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