Securing Intelligent Control Systems

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Cyberattacks on infrastructure control systems are getting more frequent and sophisticated since Stuxnet’s effect on Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010.

More recent attacks such as Flame, Shamoon, Havex, Dragonfly and Black Energy are equally troubling. Many attacks have resulted in outages and physical damage of infrastructure.

In December 2015, a coordinated cyberattack on the Ukrainian power grid lead to an outage for 80,000 customers.

Extensive damage resulted from a cyberattack that prevented the proper shutdown of a blast furnace at a German steel mill.

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Dr. George Proeller will present on "Securing Intelligent Control Systems". This lecture will be at the Electrical Industries Building (TECA Office), 727 Lime City Road, Rossford, on April 12 starting at 5:30 pm.


Electrical Industries Building (TECA Office)
727 Lime City Road
Rossford, OH 43460, US (map)

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