Personal Electronic Devices: A Forensics Discussion

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Smartphones, tablets, iPods, and PDAs continue to merge in form, fit, and functionality and now include data acquisition, data aggregation, storage, and communications capabilities.

This presentation provides insights into the features and capabilities of such systems, their possible uses in unethical/unlawful activities, and a discussion of the concepts of forensic analyses and approaches useful in combating such uses.

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Dr. George Proeller will present on this topic at the SSOE Seminar Room(Nitschke Hall 1027), on April 11 2016, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. Dr Proeller will have the opportunity to meet with students and other attendees after.


University of Toledo: Nitschke Hall
1650 N. Westwood Ave.
Toledo, OH 43607, US (map)

SSOE Seminar Room, Room 1027

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