Product Management and User Experience

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Save the date for another User Experience conference, where we get together for an all-day event in Toledo featuring remote speakers from by Rosenfeld Media.

Product Managers and UX practitioners have a lot to offer each other - and a lot to learn from each other too.

If you’re in User Experience, you may be working with Product Managers more often, and some of your peers are even “graduating” into PM roles. You also know that products and services require more than great design and user research to succeed.

If you’re in Product Management, you’re hearing a lot about User Experience as well. You’re racing to move from launching features to creating experiences before your competitors catch on, and you know that UX can help.

The one-day virtual conference offers a unique opportunity to learn from six thought leaders who’ve explored the intersection of Product Management and User Experience Design:

  • Marty Cagan, Founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group
  • Jeff Gothelf, Author of Lean UX
  • Laura Klein, UX Designer, Product Manager, and Lean Startup expert
  • Christina Wodtke, Associate Professor, CCA
  • Jeff Patton, Author of User Story Mapping
  • Tomer Sharon, Senior UX Researcher at Google

Speakers will share real world stories and tips for building better collaboration between Product Management and User Experience.


Toledo Museum of Art
2445 Monroe St
Toledo, Ohio 43604, US (map)

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