User Insights for the Whole Team


Registration is now open for "User Insights for the Whole Team: Stop guessing what users need". Seats are limited, so be sure to register if you plan to attend!

Lean, agile, and startup processes emphasis creating customer value and satisfying user needs, both expressed an unexpressed. How do you get valid customer and user insights to guide decision making?

On April 12th, Darren Kall, a user experience design and strategy expert based in Dayton, will show us the value of direct contact with real users.

  • Learn the personal and corporate value of direct contact with real users
  • Recognize opportunities to connect with users and learn how to engage with them
  • Become empowered to put these techniques into practice and be confident you can do them well
  • Get resources about where to learn more so you can continue to get insights from users

These user experience techniques work for all varieties of products and services. You can apply them if your users are consumers, employees (for enterprise applications), residents (for government services), patrons (for a library), donors (for non-profits), and for many other audiences. It does not matter if the product or service is a website, mobile app, complex enterprise dashboard, or museum exhibit.

This talk will be useful for all members of a product team, not just for user experience specialists. Software developers, visual designers, project managers, business analysts, marketing leads and other members of IT/product teams are encouraged to attend. The whole team should be empowered with these techniques and have the opportunity to learn as much as they can about users. The better the team’s insights are about users, the more successful the product will be.

This event is a being organized BGSU ACM & Tech Toledo. Attending groups include Toledo Web Professionals & PMI WLEC.


BGSU Overman Hall
Bowling Green, OH 43403 (map)




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