Toledo SOUP (2nd helping)

More Information:

The location for the next Toledo SOUP event has been determined! It will be held at My Brother’s Place, which is at 316 Adams (near the corner of Summit, next to Trinity Episcopal church.) Look for an A-frame sign on the sidewalk when you get there to guide you to the entrance.

Toledo SOUP is a community effort that activates local initiatives with micro-grants. This effort creates public buy-in on small, feasible projects that have a large impact on our community. Do you have an idea or project in mind, but no funds to execute? Toledo SOUP is for you.

How SOUP! works: 1. Put $5 in a basket. 2. Eat soup. 3. Listen to proposals while you eat soup. 4. Vote on the proposals you listened to while eating soup. 5. Top vote-getter leaves with everyone’s $5 they put in the basket!

See for latest news (e.g., parking info).


My Brother’s Place
316 Adams, 2nd Floor
Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)

More Information: