WordPress Toledo - Show and Tell



This session will be focused on showcasing and sharing all the recent projects everyone has been working on. Everyone is encouraged to share and anything can be shared. Topic ideas include:

  • Have you made a new website?
  • Added something new to a website?
  • Discovered a new plugin?
  • Created a new plugin?
  • Learned some new PHP or JS or CSS?
  • Written a great blog post?
  • Attended a conference?
  • Learned a valuable lesson on client projects?
  • Participated in a podcast?
  • Learned something new about web hosting?
  • Found a cool new theme?
  • Had an idea you want to bounce off others?
  • Encountered a challenge and want to share with a group?

All of that and more is fodder for 15 minute "mini presentations" that make up Show & Tell night. It's a no pressure way to hop up in front of the group, share your experience, and learn a ton from each other.

Oh and be sure to bring your laptop if you'd like to connect to the projector during your 15 min of Wordpress fame.


Seed Coworking
25 South Saint Clair Street
Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)