Intro to Git and Version Control


It's time for a lesson in version control! Maybe you write code. Maybe you don't write code, but you work with people who do. Maybe your work has nothing to do with computers and you only dabble in websites in your spare time, but you really wish you could remember how that code worked 2 weeks ago. Maybe you're writing a book and want to keep a versioned backup of that document to look back on later.

For all of these things, git can help. We'll cover the following and more:

  • What is git?
  • What is the concept behind git?
  • Common uses
  • Creating a git repository
  • Adding/removing files to and from git
  • Tracking file changes
  • Branching, merging, and even resolving file conflicts
  • Sharing your repository with others
  • Using a repository shared by others
  • Github basics


Magnus Stahre is a software engineer at Tweddle Group, avid supporter of Girl Develop It, and master of all things Git.


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