CoderDojo Toledo #1

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Dear CoderDojo Enthusiast,

The date is set and we are rapidly moving forward to the start of CoderDojo Toledo! Event #1 happens this Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 12 noon.

My son and daughter, Jack and Avery, age 12, are both signed up and are looking forward to a day of fun, learning code. They are inviting their friends to attend using

Bring your kids ages 5 to 17; it doesn’t matter if they know nothing about coding or are experts. Just to give you a taste of what is possible for your children learing coding. Jack and Avery decided on Saturday to collaborate on building CoderDojo's website. Check out their first project by following the link below:

Please RSVP using the eventbrite link above so that we can track who is attending our first CoderDojo Toledo event and don't forget to bring your laptop with you.

For those people that i have expressed an interest in CoderDojo - thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Looking forward to kicking off a great start of this momentous event.

Scott Thompson, Founder CoderDojo Toledo


Potter Innovation Center
9750 Clark Drive
Rossford, OH 43460 (map)

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