TALUG: Adopting Packages in Arch Linux

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We currently meet at the University of Toledo in the North Engineering building, in room NE1022 (first floor.)

This meeting event is also posted on our own site and on our talug-announce mailing list.

How do I get there?

See the map on our site or at http://toledotechevents.com Parking is in lot 19, just west of the North Engineering building.

See also UT's page on department locations and facilities.

Meeting Notes

Apologies for the short notice. I promise the next announcement will coem way ahead of time. :)

This meeting's topic will be mainly about adopting and submitting packages in Arch Linux. If you use Arch and are comfortable with (and at least) bash, then get involved in the AUR and become a package maintainer.

I may also talk about other small topics if anyone is interested, such as web development security, or maybe a small intro to Asterisk.


TALUG provides free Linux and other open-source software distribution CDs free of charge. Please let us know in advance, and we can bring some media to the meeting for you.


A special thank you goes to UT's ACM group, who are nice enough to reserve us a meeting room at the university and who helps us organize the installfest event every year. Thanks guys!

Also thank you to everyone who shows up at our meetings. You are the reason we still have monthly meetings.

TALUG is in need of guest speakers for various topics. Please see Steve at the meetings if you'd like to volunteer to give a talk or know someone who might.


UT North Engineering Building
Toledo, OH 43607, US (map)

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