TALUG June 2012 Meeting

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The Toledo Area Linux Users Group meets once a month on Saturday from 1:00-3:30 PM at the Toledo Sanger Branch Library to promote usage and awareness of Linux and other open-source software.

We do not have a topic for our June meeting. If you would like to give a talk about Linux or anything related to open-source, please contact us on our website.

We are still looking to get enough people interested in having a PGP key-signing party. If you would like to participate, please contact us on our website with your key details including full name, email address(es) associated with your key, and your key fingerprint so that we may print up lists to pass out at the meeting. Come help strengthen the web of trust.

Hope to see you there!


Toledo Sanger branch library
3030 W Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43606, US (map)

The library provides free wifi Internet access, and TALUG provides Linux distribution CDs free of charge upon request.

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