AIGA Toledo's Annual Member Meeting

Are you still wondering where the beef is? Have you kept the mullet alive? Do you still sport those acid wash jeans and rock out to Cindy Lauper? If so, put down that Rubik’s Cube and listen up because AIGA Toledo is hosting a totally radical 80’s-inspired prom for all ages. The prom will take place at our 2015 Annual meeting. This is the one time a year where we can get together as a chapter and Flashdance to Mr. Roboto, so don’t miss it. Dust off those spandex pants and leg warmers, tease your hair, don’t forget your Day-Glo, and make sure you look Pretty in Pink for our full-fledged 80’s prom event.

Drinks will be provided, but please bring a food item to share. Snacks based on the theme are encouraged and be sure that you're not the only person still dressed for 2015! We will be discussing our upcoming year, as well as reviewing the past year, introducing new board members, and discussing, as a chapter, what's next. In addition to the meeting, we will have 80’s-inspired decor, music, lighting, snacks and drinks.

Bust out the tux’s and gowns, throw on a corsage, and join us for a totally gnarly time. (Or just join us, sans fancy digs; your choice).


Seed Coworking
25 South Saint Clair Street
Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)