TALUG: Open Source, Shmopen Source!

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General Information

The Toledo Area Linux Users Group meets once a month to discuss and promote awareness and usage of Linux and other open-source software and hardware.

Meetings are (usually) held on the third Saturday of each month from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. We currently meet at the University of Toledo in the North Engineering building, on the first floor in room NE 1022.

How do I get there?

See the attached map. Parking is in lot 19, just west of North Engineering. More details are available on our web site.

See also UT's page on department locations and facilities.

Meeting Notes

This is the final topic in our "back to school" season. This time, we'll be answering the question new users to Linux have: What is "open source?"

We'll be discussing the pros and cons to open source and its similarities and differences to free and proprietary/closed source software. We'll also explain what exactly a software license is, and even mention a few popular ones.


UT North Engineering Building
Toledo, OH 43607, US (map)

Meetings are in the North Engineering building, first floor, room NE 1022. Free wifi access is provided. As stated above, parking for guests is allowed in lot 19, which is just west of North Engineering. Please see the map for parking location and closest building entrance.

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