Why the Survival of Every Business Will Depend on Trustability

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Pluto is Not Really a Planet and Social Media is Not Really Media: Why the Survival of Every Business Will Depend on Trustability

Martha Rogers, Ph.D. will bring to this session the research and thinking based on her latest book with Don Peppers, Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage. Catapulted into social networking and interconnectivity, your customers are fast ensuring that the world they live in is a transparent one, at least where you’re concerned. Suddenly, your company doesn’t get to control what’s said about yourself; what others say about you matters far more than your branding and advertising efforts. Now it’s about customer experience, customer relationships, and the trust that makes those relationships measurably valuable to company and customer.

In this presentation, Dr. Rogers returns to AAF Toledo to discuss insight into how global executives think of social and business channels, implications for on-the-ground marketers and social media managers, and how you can start building trustability within your organization and for your clients, from the ground up.

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Toledo Club
235 14th St
Toledo, OH 43604, US (map)

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