DeveloperWeek Management 2022


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DeveloperWeek Global: Management 2022 | May 10-11, 2022 | Virtual Conference

Join 2,000+ engineering leaders, managers, dev team leads, and technical executives (VPs, CTOs), discovering the newest tools for team management and developer technology decisions

Our community of developer, engineering, and IT & technical professionals is adapting to new virtual methods for getting work done. Join us online May 10-11 for 6+ tracks of content:

-Dev Executive & Engineering Management -Dev Teams: Agile & Remote Methodology -DevOps, Security & Scale -Choosing Architecture: Microservices, Containers, -Kubernetes -AI & ML Project Lifecycle -Dev Innovation & Leadership ...with 50+ live sessions on building global & enterprise teams, becoming a technical leader, and implementing the latest enterprise technology & tools.


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